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Gas Boilers

When wood isn't your solution

Gas Boilers

Sustainable Heating Solutions can also upgrade your existing heating system with a high efficiency hydronic heating system using High Efficiency gas boilers. We feature the following brands for the best fit for our customers:


IBC DC boilers

IBC offers high quality condensing 95% efficient boilers in sizes for heating loads from 13,500 BTU (perfect for very low consumption houses) to 160,000 BTU for larger houses and simultaneous continuous hot water production. The IBC DC Boilers will produce hot water for an economical household from the same appliance. Most combination boilers use many additional moving parts, heat exchangers, tanks, and pumps to make domestic hot water, but the DC boilers only use one: the flow meter that tells the boiler you turned on the hot water. 

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Triangle Tube Solo boilers

Triangle Tube Solo Boilers have been the gold standard for condensing boilers in our area for years now. The innovative self-cleaning heat exchanger design has been copied many, many times by other manufacturers. The controls are extremely easy to use even for the homeowner, and reliability is second to none. Sizes are available for heating loads from 16,000 BTU to 399,000 BTU in a single unit, with multiple unit Cascade systems available.


Thermolec Electric boilers

Thermolec provides a full line of electric boilers and strip duct heaters as backup for all your wood boiler needs. They provide an economical backup for committed solid fuel burning customers that still need backup for their systems. Simple to install, just a few wires, no gas piping or venting, and you're up and running and still have the peace of mind to know you can leave for the weekend. Electricity is typically the most expensive fuel in Wisconsin, but if used wisely and sparingly, can be a great backup for the solid-fuel burning customer.